Monday, July 21, 2014

Khenpo Sodargye: Buddhism is wisdom, not fairy tales.

Jul 1, 2014
Nowadays, there are too many forms for our eyes, too much sound for our ears and too much desire for our minds. We should give our mind a break in peace and ease.

Jun 17, 2014
Many people believe that without love, life is tasteless, but do not know what love is. For them, love is to possess, snatch, and control, instead of tolerance, selflessness and help. Such love cannot make oneself and others happy, but increasingly painful.

Jun 5, 2014
Larung Gar Buddhist Institute is going to hold an 8-day Vajrasattva Dharma Gathering from Jun 6 to 13.
Reciting and practicing Vajrasattva mantra “Om Vajra Sattva Hum” is the most powerful and effective method to purify karmic obscurations. If you can finish 400,000 recitations, even the most inexpiable misdeed can be completely purified.

May 8, 2014
Everything that we cling to in a dream vanishes when we wake up; everything that we pursue today will be no use when we die. When is death coming? Neither you nor I know it.

May 6, 2014
Wearing watches worth three hundred dollars or three million dollars, the time is the same. Drinking liquor worth five dollars or five hundred dollars, throwing up is the same. Living in houses of three hundred square feet or three thousand square feet, loneliness is the same. One day, you will realize that genuine inner happiness could never be afforded by material world.

Apr 3, 2014
Living in others’ world, even with opulent comfort, one is still weary; living in one’s own world, even if penniless, one is still at ease.

- Khenpo Sodargye -
(found when searching for info on Serthar Buddhist Institute/ Larung Gar - E.K.)

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